Hear how McDonald’s uses Moodle to increase sales and customer satisfaction (8am PST Oct 7th)

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Kineo, a Moodle LMS consultancy and IT company, will host a webinar Thursday October 7th to discuss a few case studies of Kineo’s high profile clients.  The webinar will explore the subsequent gains they’ve made in part because of Moodle’s ability to streamline and organize training and provide feedback, reports and other outputs.  The webinar is for a limited web-audience only.


The event will kick off at 5am EST (10am, UK London time).  Contact [email protected] to register for the webinar.

The webinar, titled “Delivering Business Results with E-Learning”, will,

show how they have delivered proven business value using e-learning…This means not only significant cost savings in the delivery of training but also using e-learning for significant performance improvement. In these examples, [Kineo] will show how the e-learning resulted in documented sales growth, improved customer satisfaction scores, improved financial performance and significant cost reduction for major organizations including M&S and McDonald’s.

Kineo’s clients include Nikon, BP, Vodafone, McDonald’s, HSBC, Canon and many more.  Learn more at

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