Here’s What Happened At MoodleMoot Canada 2018 In Toronto

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The long-awaited, northernmost, Moodle-centric event took place last week, featuring prominent Moodlers and thinkers and helmed by Moodle founder Martin Dougiamas. Canada has a mature LMS and online learning market, and MoodleMoot Canada 2018 showcased best use cases where technology and commercial sustainability found a match.

It all started a day early, with an informal get together on Tuesday evening. Everything that happened afterwards was captured by attendees on social media.

Wednesday, February 21st

Solange Lalonge & Emma Richardson, “Geocache your way through Moodle”

Elizabeth Dalton, Learning Analytics Workshop

Moodle HQ’s Solange Lalonde was, by many measures, the star of the event. A leader of Moodle’s new education team, organizer, and speaker, Lalonde is quickly becoming one of Moodle’s thought leaders on learning, as Elizabeth Dalton is on Analytics.

Other topics touched on day one included:

  • Completion Tracking and Progress Reports
  • Moodle Performance
  • Course Settings

Thursday, February 22nd

Martin Dougiamas, “The Future of Moodle”

David Porter, eCampusOntario, “Making Open the Default: Moving Forward an Agenda of Open Education, Open Pedagogy and Open Practices in our Work”
[slideshare id=88617258&doc=moodlemoot2018-180222150525]

Talks on day two covered:

  • Gamification + Self-Paced Courses
  • Health Care Training Delivery
  • Moodle Extensions and Integrations
  • “Keewaytinook Internet High School: Our way of mixing traditional and future education”
  • Analytics
  • Team-Based Learning
  • Math plugins (WIRIS)
  • Accessibility (Accessibilité)

[slideshare id=88767223&doc=resourcesaccessibility-180223221347&type=d]

Solange Lalonde, Personalizing Healthcare Training for Rural Alaska

At 6:30pm participants joined a banquet, followed by a party.

Friday, February 23rd

Stephen Downes, “Why personal learning?” (Followed by “Reaction panel”)

“Moodle as a Framework”

Emma Richardson, The Moodle Users Association

The list of topics covered was completed with:

  • Big Blue Button
  • Analytics Reporting (IntelliBoard)
  • Sharing Cart Plugin
  • “Lunch and Learn”: MUA, Learn Moodle, Technical Workshop
  • Redesigning the Workshop Activity
  • Engagement
  • H5P for Assessments
  • Moodle-Banner ILP Integration
  • Technical approaches to Accessibility

[slideshare id=88766711&doc=presentationmoodlemoot2018-an-180223220617]

Saturday, February 24th

Moodle Mobile

Solange Lalonge, “Reflecting Innovation in Moodle Course Design”

Emma Richardson, “Geocaching your way through Moodle! An innovative approach to uncovering Moodle mysteries”

Paul Greidanus, Docker for Moodle

Martin Dougiamas, Closing Keynote

Find access to recordings and resources at MoodleMoot Canada 2018 Sched site

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