Highlights Of MoodleMoot Germany 2017, The Hottest On Record

Highlights Of MoodleMoot Germany 2017, The Hottest On Record

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In June, the city of Mannheim welcomed the international community to MoodleMoot Germany 2017, Moodle’s largest event in the nation. The warmth of the people who gathered explained only part of the temperatures experience by attendees.

On June 21st, one day before the opening keynote by Moodle’s CEO, four day-long workshops took place:

  • Technik & Plugins
  • Schule (Teaching)
  • Allgemeines (General)
  • Hochschule (Higher Education)

Throughout the day, people were coming in, the majority of them from other places in Germany or neighboring countries.

The Moot officially kicked off on Thursday, June 22, with Dougiamas’ keynote: “Moodle for the next ten years.”

Then, over the next two days, 65 different presentations took place, most in German and some in English. Some started in one language and finished in another.

Here are some of the most interesting bits of insight from the Moot:

Moodle 3.3 features are starting to make an impact in the classroom. Beyond the increasing number of features, the interface enhancements are allowing teachers to “think in Moodle,” by imagining a solution and then finding the right Moodle tool or plugin.

The integration with Microsoft Office 365 is well regarded, as there are many institutions who have institutional license of the suite. From the same Moodle window, users can access their files–and even edit them–before uploading them as content or assignment submissions.

As educators gain confidence in the use of new technologies in their classroom, the next natural step is the creation of strategies that take advantage of them in the same intervention. Mobile devices in the classroom, connected to Moodle, show a promising partnership with gamification–a practice that is also evolving, putting competition and individualism aside to reward collaboration and social values.

The virtual tools that make distance learning more engaging and effective keep evolving. Virtual Reality seems to be here to stay, with steady improvements and new educational applications:

The event was topped by Thomas Strasser from the University College of Teacher Education, Vienna. He covered Technology-Enhanced Learning, an approach he spearheaded himself.

Check out our Twitter Moment about the event.

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