Highlights of MoodleMoot Global 2019 Conference Day 2: A Decade Ends

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Part of our MootGlobal 2019 coverage #MootGlobal19

The Moodle kids will be alright

What can Liz Dalton do to get you into Learning Analytics today?

A significant amount of improvements on Moodle 3.8 went into making the powerful open source prediction engine (based on TensorFlow) ready to be exploited by the average teacher. Watch this space for more UX-based Learning Analytics innovations.

The Open University, the greatest Open Source Higher Ed experiment in history

The Moodleverse recently discovered the massive scale of The Open University of China, now the largest registered Moodle site. But The Open University is still one of the greatest showcase of the scalability of Moodle. The University is also an essential supporter of Moodle thanks to contributor like Tim Hunt. Its massive scale is also a fertile ground for technology piloting, as StudentQuiz is witness:

BigBlueButton means elegance, business

It should be part of the same breath with Moodle and H5P. A long-standing, highly reliable and open source technology that’s became a staple of online learning worldwide. Its high level of usability (it has the most “usable” name of all EdTech that I’m aware of) has never stopped evolving since the Flash days, and has remained as closely integrated to Moodle as ever. Parent company Blindside Network is a Moodle Integration Partner.

Turnitin and the ever-chaning landscape of cheating

The new Moodle Integration Partner might be suffering of a similar fate of Moodle in some markets. It is associated with an old idea of itself and its technology. Mark Harmon shares his decades work and ideas, many in the same line with competing tools, on contract cheating and AI and data required to get a fighting change.

Join the Moodle Users Association


It all started with an unfortunate picture:

Throughout the year, many event particularly in tech have been the subject of mockery or criticism for featuring “manels” (all-male panels).

On one side, the picture is not at all representative of Moodle.

On the other hand, there are questions companies like Moodle have not answer regarding opportunity and equality, especially in terms of compensation and leadership positions. Dougiamas claim that “the Moodle project is far more diverse and representative of our users than pretty much any software project I’ve ever seen” would benefit from some supporting evidence.

Other talks & topics

  • xAPI could not be absent:
  • Nobody knew the cloud was so complicated
  • Moodle University Administrator Network meet. In Spanish!
  • Collabora online allows in-LMS collaboration over almost any type of document
  • ReadSpeaker will give you a voice
  • MoodleNet teases an official launch… with an open mic

Closing session — Moodle request

“Simplify Activity creation\chooser” was an absolute favorite at the customary closing session. The submitter, Virgil, is awarded with a free entrance to MoodleMoot Global 2020.

Other popular features included:

  • Activity freeze and session rollover
  • Composer-style dependency management for plugin development
  • Show relevant resources based on quiz question results
  • New course content highlighting
  • Improve cohort interfaces to make enrolments easier
  • New question bank capabilities and search
  • Anonymous forums

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Part of our MootGlobal 2019 coverage #MootGlobal19

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