How Do You Use Peer Assessment Effectively In Moodle?

peer assessment in moodle

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Ravi Murugesan is a Moodle course creator, admin and online teacher at INSAP (a UK-based international development charity). Because of the nature of their work (providing technical support to researchers in the developing world), they needed to find a way to provide evaluation and assessment to their growing volume of students that wasn’t teacher/instructor dependent.

At the iMoot2015, Ravi discusses how INASP has continued to evolve a peer-assessment solution using Moodle Workshop to provide their learners with high quality feedback on their work.

I enjoyed Ravi’s candidness about how he didn’t get peer evaluation “right” out of the box the first time. But rather, he had to learn on the fly and evolve. Some of the key learnings he discusses include:

  • Moodle Workshop is not for the faint of heart (it requires serious effort across many settings and stages)
  • Workshop can be very confusing to students (and the instructor!) – especially when it comes to peer assessment
  • How to use allocations to distribute work for assessment
  • How to set up a high quality Assessment form
  • How to handle grading in Workshop

Check out the entire presentation below:

Have you used peer assessment in your courses? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

One Response

  1. Great to see the Workshop tool in action for peer assessment all around the globe. Here at UNSW I’ve been pushing some major enhancements to this valuable tool which might interest users viewing this talk. We’ve added:

    Calibration (marker calibration based on marks given to exemplars in comparison to expert marker)
    Exemplar randomisation
    CSV allocation of reviewers
    Calibration score breakdowns
    Team mode
    Automatic highlighting of peer assessment that are 2 standard deviation points away from other markers of same submission
    Option to challenge assessments for students who feel they were marked unfairly
    Easier mark calculations

    You can find a copy of the enhanced workshop to use in your local Moodle here:

    The Moodle 2.9 update should be available by early December, 2015.

    You can also find a bit more detailed information about some of these features in this Prezi:

    Hope the community finds this useful.

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