How to Moodle presentation slides from the MITC (in MO, USA)

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The MOREnet Instructional Technology Conference (MITC) was held recently in Missouri and boasted a slate of really progressive and interesting edtech topics and sessions, including “How to Moodle”. The presentation resources are now available for anyone to checkout at

“How to Moodle” was presented by Dr. Connie Waters and discusses all things Moodle, from early considerations, what it can/can’t do, asynchronous vs. synchronous uses, collaborative approaches, outcomes, and much more.  Less a tutorial in constructing Moodle classes the presentation provides a good foundation for building an online or hybrid course using any learning management system.

It’s worth clicking through:


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this. If you took off the first slide you could be talking about our online distance based postgrad program (Masters of Business and Technology). Our program has a 97-99% satisfaction rating from students and works because careful thought was put into its design. I’m glad to see others thinking clearly about some of the implications of going online.

  2. Hey Moodlenews, I am glad you guys found this! I was co-presenting with Dr Connie Waters. Just curious, did you find the resource through the #moodle tweet from jbkcam85?

    On another note we are open for any and all feedback regarding the presentation and knowledge of Moodle. Please let us know what you would do differently!

  3. I was also a co-presenter with Dr. Waters and Jason Cameron. Glad to see the presentation is being spread around. As Jason said, we are all open to any feedback on the presentation. Happy Moodling too all!

  4. Not sure where I originally found it, #Moodle might have been the source on Twitter so that handle could very well be the source.

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