iMoot organizer interview (Part III), register today!

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I had a chance to interview Vinny Stocker, one of the people behind the 5 day whirlwind virtual Moodle conference which is taking place for the 6th time this May. Read Part I and Part II of our interview for the full story.

imoot2015a2The iMoot is an excellent way to learn more about Moodle, to present on how you use your Moodle or what you learned by using Moodle to a wider audience in an extremely convenient way (and presenters are free). 100s of participants get together virtually each year to enjoy the global sharing of Moodle related information and resources.

Presentations are recorded each year and made available to the public through Youtube after the conference has run. You can view any of the 100s of videos through the Pukunui Youtube Channel for years past (these alone are worth sorting through to learn something new).

And without further ado, here’s the rest of my interview:

What has the iMoot contributed to the community? (any plugins or partnerships born from it that you know of)?

In terms of community contributions, we release the recordings of sessions are usually after 3 to 6 months or so posting them on Pukuni’s YouTube channel, if you have a look you’ll see recordings going back a few years.

The other thing we contribute to the Moodle community is to give it an opportunity to come together, people from different countries, different backgrounds, to talk about Moodle to learn and teach each other. This year we want to open up the iMoot to more people who may not be able to afford the AU$95 registration fee. So if you really can not afford to attend, and would really like to, please get in contact and we will see what we can do. We are giving attendees the opportunity to “Buy one, Give one” helping us to give some free places for attendees.

What do you hope the future has in store for the iMoot?

I hope that in the future the iMoot conference will continue to grow. It would be amazing to see the number of attendees that some MOOCS attract. I would be absolutely delighted if we had more than a thousand attendees this year and that’s where we need the help of the moodle community. Please spread the word, retweet a post, join the iMoot group on Facebook, and publicise the event at your school or university.

The other way I hope to see iMoot change in future years is really having a lot more community involvement. If you would like to get involved with organising or helping out, please contact me. Over the last few years it has been an event driven by Pukunui, but it would be nice to get more of the wider Moodle community involved.

Call for presentations is still open for the next couple of weeks, and we are still looking for sponsors for the event.

You can connect with Vinny and his team using the info below. Register for the event at

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