In Summer Hack/Doc Fest, CLAMP Critically Unpacks Moodle 3.3 Latest Features

Moodle 3.5 Liberal Arts Edition Now Available, Courtesy Of CLAMP

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During three days in June, the brilliant match of liberal art educators and Moodle developers that is CLAMP met in Amherst, MA, at Hampshire College for its Summer Moodle Hack/Doc Fest, the second of the year. It featured talks, discussions, and workshops about the technologies that make Moodle work, all through the lens of reason and critical thinking customary of proper liberal arts lore.

It began with a “Sprint,” during which the issues to discuss and work on were chosen. Moodle 3.3 was of course important, both desktop and mobile versions. Elements featuring more prominently into humanities subjects, quite naturally, received special attention. PDF upload, storage, and annotations functionalities made the top of the list.

The first day started with talks from developers at Lafayette and Hampshire Colleges:

Issues discussed during the day included the Poster plugin, H5P, Snippet for Atto, Lightbox Gallery, PCast plugin, Course Merge Helper Tool, and more.

Taking a deeper look into Moodle 3.3, they uncovered some interesting facts about it and the way CLAMP members were interacting with them:

  • The way office integration was created makes it easy to integrate a broader number of office suites, beyond just Microsoft and G Suite.
  • Emojis might not work if the database is not correctly updated. But if enabled, it increases Moodle’s compatibility with non-Latin scripts.
  • Teacher reminders don’t seem to work with email.
  • Collapsible comments work, but the interface is still tricky.
  • Drag-and-drop media, Stealth activities, and Tags seem to work properly.

Read on for day two, which featured more talks and outside activities.

Read on for day three, which gave a special focus to accessibility elements, standards, and verification tools. It also featured Swarthmore College’s Andrew Ruether and his Moodle PDF file scanner, accessibility checker, and text extractor.

Read the full 4-day breakdown at

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