La Vie En Moodle, According To MoodleMoot France 2017

La Vie En #Moodle, According To MoodleMoot France 2017 #MoodleNews

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At the end of last month, the most important Moodle event for the French-speaking community took place in Lyon, with the combined MoodleMoot & MaharaHui 2017. Despite the possible contrasts with the German edition, happening only a week earlier, this event shared some of the same interests, though perhaps through a more idiosyncratic joie de vivre.

If you want to get a taste of the interaction taking place on social media, take a look at our carefully crafted Twitter Moment.

Nicolas Martignoni, Moodle HQ Community Manager for France and the French-speaking community, gave the opening speech.

Martin Dougiamas opened the event with his keynote. Among other things, it stressed the kind of standards we should establish between partners of EdTech to guarantee a mutually beneficial relationship.

On the afternoon of the first day, the event split into six threads, three conference- and three atelier-based, spanning twelve themátiques. This thread system continued throughout the full three days.

But the most tweeted part of the event was, without a doubt, the “gala,” not only due to the plentiful spirits, but for the mesmerizing chapel in which it took place.

It also helped that, throughout the event, participants were involved in fun games, such a selfie contest. Of course, Dougiamas would become a coveted item for many.

MoodleMoot France 2017 highlights by thématique

  • Langues:
    • Moodle et enseignement d’une langue étrangère : compétences numériques et compétences langagières
    • Moodle and second language teaching: numerical and linguistic competencies
  • Admin:
    • Table ronde ”Cycle de vie”
    • Round table: “The Life Cycle”
  • Questionnement:
    • Enrichir un MOOC sous OpenEDX avec des activités de Moodle grâce à LTI
    • Enriching a MOOC in OpenEDX with Moodle Activities thanks to LTI
  • Hybridation:
    • Transformer un enseignement avec Moodle: hybridation, jeu sérieux, évaluation
    • Transforming teaching with Moodle: blended learning, serious games, assessment
  • Secondaire:
    • Se former à Moodle pour devenir pédagogiquement créatif
    • Moodle training to develop pedagogical creativity
  • Ludification:
    • Scénarisation et ludification dans Moodle: le défi ”Chasse au trésor” du MoodleMoot
    • Storytelling and gamification in Moodle: MoodleMoot’s “treasure hunt” challenge
  • Plugins:
    • Le rapport tuteur : un outil facilitant l’intervention des tuteurs sur les productions des apprenants
    • Tutor report: A tool to facilitate tutor intervention in students’ outcomes
  • Formation continue:
    • Babar au MoodleMoot. Un cours en ligne sur l’album pour enfants à l’université de Tours
    • Babar at MoodleMoot. An online course on the children books at the University of Tours
  • Massification:
    • Hybridation avec Moodle, adapter pour massifier
    • Blended learning in Moodle, adapt to massify
  • Démos
    • Évaluation des enseignements via l’outil Enquête
    • Evaluating lesson learning through the Feedback Activity


(When the MoodleMoot is over…)

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