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Elearning Success Summit

March 3 update: We have over 30 confirmed speakers, including:

Our goal since the beginning has been one: To shed light on the great ideas happening in elearning. We began at the core of the Open Source LMS space, and for the last year we’ve been documenting the “great beyond.” Companies of all stripes looking to leave a mark in the world’s learners, and not just through savvy persuasion. We have championed transparent leaders who’ve done the work and do not hesitate to help. Researchers concerned with broader applicability and scale of their finding. Companies willing to share their insights on learners, teamwork and strategy.

To some extent, the LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit is a natural progression of our work. In another, meaningful way, it is our biggest and boldest bet yet. We believe and trust the power of a global community of learners and their enthusiasm for change and impact.

We have realize that in every domain, but most critically in education, these tools must be on the hands of as many groups of learners and educators as possible. This is why our conference is 100% free to attend. We remain passionate about discovering the amazing innovations that crop up anywhere in the world. We’ve shared stories of resourcefulness and the cutting-edge of EdTech and LMS, which today are opening the gates for newer solutions and avenues of ingenuity. And we hope we can keep doing our part in sharing the word further.

What the Elearning Success Summit is about

We’ve been working tirelessly to find the most complete way to provide wholesome solutions to the challenges facing elearning professionals today. This is what led us to conceive not of technologies or platforms, and not on siloed issues like engagement or attendance; but on Systems of elearning success. A unit that encompasses technical, professional and personal challenges. That leverages technology to the best of its ability, but doesn’t take away your control. And one that relentlessly works focused on your own goals, but does not hinder your view of the whole.

The Elearning Success Summit is

  • A comprehensive elearning guide. You will come out with clear idea on how to maximize measurable goals, such as engagement and retention. You will also get tools to keep your elearning initiative sharpened and organized.
  • A plea for mindfulness and sustained passion. If your elearning practices give you a constant sense of overwhelm, it just won’t be effective, let alone sustainable. But there’s good news: Our experts speakers have been there, and will greet you with a clear message: You are not alone.
  • A path for ongoing, “future-proof” learning. It’s not about better grades or higher returns. It’s about all of them and more. It’s about devising the systems that support your joy for the work that you do by, among other things, making the results of your efforts more visible and meaningful.

Talks, interviews, bonus resources and special surprises are coming your way. Join the waitlist, and stay tuned for special announcements!

The 3 Tracks of the Elearning Success Summit

01 The Toolkit

  • How to easily set up a killer interface that appeals to students and takes them through the best possible experience
  • Understand common mistakes you might be making –that nobody talks about– and how you can eliminate them
  • How to envision and deploy your Learning Management System to get control, clarity and peace of mind
  • How to save time, money, and sanity through automation without losing sight of your students

02 The Practice

  • How to make your content relevant to your students
  • What actually works in gamification, microlearning, mobile delivery and other “hot” teaching topics
  • How to hone in on what’s going right and quickly get rid of what’s wrong to stop drop-outs and failing grades before they happen

03 The (Data) Science

  • Gain performance management skills to future-proof your institution or company
  • How to move past the “trough of disillusionment” in analytics into a streamlined goldmine of information
  • Get a FOMO-inducing view of what’s coming up in elearning, and a keen eye to distill claim from fact

What makes the Elearning Success Summit unique

We made sure that not only top thought leaders in our industry join us. We sought those willing to share their spotlight, open to be challenged, and ready to go deeper than what you would normally see.

As some of the most forward-looking thinkers, they are ready to share the most current, up-to-date tools and teaching methods, result of decades of effort, research and careful listening.

Last, but not least, we wanted an event that is useful and inspires joy in your daily practice. And a Free Ticket is only the beginning. We’ve crafted luxurious gifts and special deals directly relevant to our tracks and subjects; but above all, we tried our best to make them valuable to you.

Elearning Success Summit

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