The NEW Moodle Educator Certification (MEC): Essential Digital Teaching Competencies — Upcoming Dates In Your Language

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Updated on August 3, 2020

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Interested in furthering the essential digital competencies learners need from you in the next decade?

The 2020 version of the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) was made in collaboration with key experts, including top trainers from Moodle Partners. It includes a higher substance of case studies and self-assessment activities. It has kept, however, the alignment with the Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEd) provided by the European Union.

Despite the “Moodle” on its name, the current curricula is platform-agnostic in its pedagogical content. While it does include “Design Challenges” that for the participant to create their own Moodle courses, it applies to and LMS. In fact, little to no Moodle topics are included on the MEC. Participants are encouraged to get acquaintance and training with Moodle before jumping on the MEC, which in many cases the Moodle Partners pack in a bundle along with the MEC.

Why digital competencies for educators?

According to Jad Najjar, Founder of Moodle Partner and MEC provider Eummena, few offerings aimed at educating teachers cover the “DigCompEdu” framework in such a comprehensive way, and at the same time provide a complete practical opportunity. MEC teams like Eummena’s are consists of veteran Moodle educators with vetted knowledge of DigCompEd, coupled with experienced technologists, who in concert review the weekly progress of the participant towards a 2020-ready interactive course based on Moodle’s activities.

Dig Comp Edu
DigCompEdu Area and Scope (Redecker, 2017, p.15) via

The good educator first looks at what they need their learners to achieve, and then looks for a way to do this in Moodle.

Facilitators have ensured a highly interactive session with hands-on and online tasks, and will have the opportunity to start working on their first deliverables towards the MEC certification.

Structure of the MEC

Program Structure
Source: Eummena

While each Partner is autonomous in the format and setting, Moodle requires that MEC to include live interactions and practical challenges to be completed individually. All the MEC providers reached out by LMSPulse have confirmed that consistent community interaction using Moodle’s foundational activities will be an essential feature to increase the quality of the output and the volume of exchanges between participants.

Still, the providers are ready to stand out, offering “goodies” such as unlimited access to their learning portal, bundles of MEC with supplementary Moodle training, or part of a MoodleMoot!

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Upcoming MEC Schedule

Unless stated otherwise, “MEC Core Competencies” refers to the first 6 competencies, taught in a live + pre-recorded session mix, offered fully online and in English over the course of 6 weeks. It is expected that all MEC offerings are the 2020 revision. Advance inquiry is recommended.

On-Demand \ Request Info



  • 9-21
    MEC 3 Certification Paths
    🇺🇸 Moonami
    $445 USD

  • 9-28

Moodle Educator Certification: Teaching and Learning — Workshop at MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2020

🇬🇧 Brickfield Labs
€ 465.00 EUR

An intensive, 4-block workshop over the course of a day covering DigCompEdu‘s component 3, Teaching & Learning, is available on the first day of the Moot, which since its original physical date now offers a 2-for-1 deal and a “personalized MoodleMoot package” with tee, travel mug and other goodies included.



  • MEC 3 Certification Paths
    🇺🇸 Moonami
    $445 USD

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