Meet the Moodle Association Committee Leadership

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The Moodle Users Association launched officially last week and already 50 members have signed up at various levels (users may sign up as an individual or as organizations, there are three membership levels for organizations).

To run the MUA, a committee of members will be elected to handle the day to day operations of the association. Among those members are four executive roles: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. For the inaugural Committee, each position was appointed. Below you can meet the Moodlers who are helping to usher in this new Moodle funding mechanism.

Nick Thompson – Chair: Nick is the IT Director overseeing Moodle and it’s peripheral learning technologies at the University of California, Los Angeles where he provides learning technologies to students. He’s been using Moodle since 2009.

As chair Nick helps to organize the efforts of the MUA. I had a chance to ask him why the MUA was important, below is his response:

“Up until now, if somebody wanted to get an existing plugin, or new feature into Core, the only way to do that was approach the community and hope to apply enough pressure on Moodle HQ to get that feature into Moodle Core. With MUA, us members of the community now have a clear path forward to have a direct impact on the development of Moodle Core. It’s no longer an arcane formula of witch-doctor magic to get that done.”

Michael Sankey – Vice-Chair: Michael is Associate Professor and Director, Learning Environments and Media at the University of Southern Queensland. He holds an EdD and began his Moodling career in 2007. According to

I had a chance to ask Michael what developments to Moodle he would most like to see: “Further improvements in ‘assignment’ and ‘quiz’. At the heart of every course we offer (for credit) is an ‘assessment’ of some kind, so logically we need to make this one of the most enduring and user-friendly features of our system.”

Emma Richardson – Secretary: Emma is Distance Learning Coordinator at East Central BOCES in Colorado, USA.

Emma’s favorite Moodle Plugin is the Quiz, which she lists as “incredibly powerful and flexible”. According to Emma, to be successful in 2016, the MUA needs two things: “1. We need people to sign up and be involved! 2. We need to have a really great, Moodle changing project incorporated into core for everyone to understand the value of the organization.”

Fritz Vandover – Treasurer: Fritz represents CLAMP, a consortium of dozens of small liberal arts colleges in the US. He is also an Academic Technologist at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN, USA.

As treasurer, he will guide institutions in how to pay and coordinate transactions between the MUA and Moodle HQ when projects have been selected and funded. When I asked Fritz why Macalester College selected Moodle he replied, “It is an excellent tool and the fact that there is no cost for the software itself allows us to concentrate our financial resources on what really matters, which is the people who support Moodle.”

Check out the full committee at

Interested in getting involved? Join the MUA today!

Note: I was also selected as a General Committee Member and Moodlenews has joined at the Silver Membership level. We are proud to support the MUA and be involved as it starts gathering members and projects. 


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