Monday November 14th: Inside a Moodle Mind with Laurie Korte

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The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) in Pennsylvania runs a great series of events all focused on Moodle, next Monday is “Inside a Moodle Mind” with a friend of Moodlenews, Laurie Korte.

The event is from 3-4pm EST on Monday November 14th and is hosted by CCIU Moodle Administrator Laura Mikowychok (@lmikowychok).  This is part of a monthly series of Moodle forums and events that feature Moodle tips, interviews with Moodlers and overviews of new Moodle features and plugins/addons.  Events are scheduled out through June 2012 and are free to attend.

According to the event listing page [],

If James Lipton can take us “Inside the Actor’s Studio” to learn about acting from the greats, then why not go Inside a Moodle Mind to learn from the most experienced Moodlers in the world?

Laurie Korte is the author of Moodle Magic: Make it Happen, and the founder of the popular online network MoodleMeet. She has over 100 examples of Moodle courses in her back pocket, and she’s always ready to show how great Moodle can be. Laura will moderate this discussion with Laurie, and we’ll explore her best practices and favorite courses. Bring your questions!


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