Moodle Course Certification Course By Elearning Experts Beginning October 12th

Moodle Course Certification Course By Elearning Experts Coming Up Next October 8th

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Starting on October 12th, and running over the course of 8 weeks, Elearning Experts will run the MCCC. Upon completion, it will allow participants to demonstrate sufficiency of skills in setting up, customizing and managing a Moodle 2.9 installation.

MCCC comprises 8 Skills. Compatibility with Competencies is not disclosed at this time:

  1. Environmental Technology
  2. Generic Moodle Skills
  3. Moodle Blocks
  4. Using Resources
  5. Using Activities
  6. Multimedia
  7. Participant Management
  8. Course Management

The certification includes a “Narrative Document”, illustrating the recipient’s ability to

“relate the course design to the learners, and utilize the functionality of Moodle effectively to meet the needs of the audience.”

The Course is given to up to 10 people at a time and does expect professional experience with Moodle. If you:

  • have never created a Moodle course before,
  • have been using Moodle for less than a year,
  • do not know the purpose and function of several Moodle Activities and resources,
  • are not familiar with the Moodle Documentation,
  • have not fully read the Moodle Certification docs,
  • are ready to pay USD 500,
  • do not have between 5-10 hours per week for the next 8 weeks available for MCCC; and
  • are not interested in improving your understanding and use of Moodle,

you may not be suited for MCCC at the moment. Otherwise, register now by email or phone. Further details here.

MCCC begins on October 12th but you can still register.

Elearning Experts is the organization behind the MCCC. They are the only official Moodle Partners from the United States authorized to grant Moodle Certification.

Read more about Moodle Certifications here or download this PDF.


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