Moodle for the next ten years – Views of Moodler during MoodleMoot Germany 2017 #MootDE17

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Martin Dougiamas – Founder & CEO of Moodle, traveled for 27 hours from Australia to all the way to Mannheim University, Germany to attend the MoodleMoot Germany 2017. The moot was held recently in Mannheim University from 21-23rd June, 2017.
Martin delivered the keynote presentation during the Moot on “Moodle for the next ten years” and shared his vision about the future of Moodle. He touched upon a lot of major issues which the world need to focus upon like data privacy and ownership, education quality, food and water security etc.
Martin also highlighted the growing income inequality and pondered about the Silicon Valley model also. He shared the basic philosophy of Moodle which is to Support, Nurture and improve and not Disrupt, Replace or compete.
The vision and Mission of Moodle Project as shared by Martin is:

Mission – Empowering Educators to improve our world

Vision – To give the world the most effective platform for learning.

The one hour presentation is more than worth to have a watch. You can watch out the video recording of the presentation below or through this direct link:

Major Highlights:

Key points from Martin’s presentation are as follows:

  • Moodle 3.4 will focus more on improving the Usability, Accessibility and include the improved Calendar project (Moodle Users Association) and combining Participants/enrolments page.
  • Moodle HQ will start a new EU subsidiary with first office in Barcelona.
  • Moodle HQ will launch a new Moodle foundation in Brussels.
  • Moodle Mobile App will have a 100% support for all Moodle core activities and resources from Moodle 3.4.
  • Moodle Desktop app similar to the Moodle mobile app for desktop users.
  • Ability to copy a whole Moodle site from one server to another.
  • New certification system for Moodle instead of the existing MCCC which will be launched later this year.
  • Improvements to the MoodleCloud platform.
  • Moodle Academy – the Moodle based MOOC platform.
  • Moodle Community 2.0 – A new Professional development space for educators/learners, central moodle account, integrates open repositories, crowdfunding tools for developing new open content & sell your content and small services only.

What are the new projects of Moodle team which made you excited? What are the other areas in Moodle which you would like to be improved? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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