Moodle In Two Leading London EdTech Shows Of Early 2018

Moodle In Two Leading London EdTech Shows Of Early 2018

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The 2018 European learning technologies conference season is in full swing. Two major events took place in London in the past few days, and Moodle was present at both, either with Moodle HQ or the region’s Moodle Partners.

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Moodle HQ’s Gavin Henrick and Garnet Berry attended “Learning Technologies, Incorporating Learning & Skills,” a corporate learning-focused event, to showcase what Moodle can do for the segment. The Branded Moodle Mobile apps are a basic tool in HQ’s plan to conquer more workplaces, as Henrick stressed in his “Go Mobile with Moodle” seminar. Business Development, Henrick’s leadership responsibility, is a vital activity even for open source organizations, as it can reveal insight into many types of challenges and traits that apply to all learner types.

Moodle Partners eThink Education and Synergy Learning were also present to offer their lifecycle support services.

Update “Did you miss Moodle HQ on all things workplace at #LT18uk?” at


Overnet Data, developers of EduLink for Moodle, presented at the other London summit. EduLink offers “extended connectivity” features for user communication and interaction between systems, as it is the case with Student Management or Student Information Systems and LMS. EduLink for Moodle links user accounts to provide single sign-on and synchronize user information and courses.

Also present in Bett was official Moodle Premium Integrator IntelliBoard, who showcased its “Reporting and Analytics for Moodle” solutions. Representing them was VP Tonya Riney, who was there to “talk about their beautiful data!”

Disclaimer: eThink Education and IntelliBoard are MoodleNews sponsors.

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