MoodleMoot Russia 2017: An Interpreted Recap

MoodleMoot Russia 2017: An Interpreted Recap

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MoodleMoot Russia 2017 received a small, but fervent following of Moodle professionals and enthusiast. Details about what went on are scarce, but we wanted to report on what transpired on the day-long Moot, according to social media.

Early, pre-registration sessions were held by Maxim Osovksy, organization member of the Moscow International Salon of Education; Victor Mäeots, 10-year Moodle veteran and Honoured Teacher of the Russian Federation; and Alexey Popov, PhD, Head of the DOiPK Institute at Don State Technical University in Rostov-on-Don.

After the offical opening, it was time for Marina Glancy’s keynote talk. Glancy, IT alumus from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University, was supposed to address the audience via live streaming. Haplessly, technical issued curtailed her presentation.

Due to lack of internet there was no speaker from Australia

The morning continued in three rooms. Sergey Lobachyov, 2003 or 2004 Russian Federation Government Prize in Education and one of the top 100 most cited Russian Scientists on the Russian Science Citation Index, discussed his leadership role in online learning in the country and Moscow State University of Railway Engineering.

Sergey Lvovich Lobachyov made a very interesting report, although there were questions and objections.

Lobachyov moderated a following panel, featuring among others Mikhail Ivanov from the International University in Moscow.

I have been engaged in distance learning for a long time, but I have never met anything like Mikhail Ivanov’s. Unreal cool!

After which it was lunch time.

MoodleMoot―When dinner conversation is more interesting and useful than all the reports before lunch.

On the afternoon, another round table followed, on the subject of Moodle in Higher Ed. Among the panelists there was Eugene Devyatkin, from Moscow Technical University.

Alexey Dyachenko brought the day to a close. Dyachenko is Deputy Director General of OOO Open Technology, official Moodle Partner in the Russian Federation, and organizer of the Moot that just was.

Thank you, Alexey, for organizing the wonderful MoodleMoot Russia 2017 conference, and for the joy of meeting and communicating with like-minded people from all over the country. Colleagues, it was interesting and cool!

Pleasantness behind the scenes.

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