MoodleMoot UK 2021: What’s Next For The Moodle™ LMS?

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2021

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Moodle™, one of the most popular, widely used and reliable LMS platforms available for teachers and people who want to start creating courses for the benefit of students, held its annual MoodleMoot UK & Ireland event, which brings together educators, developers and administrators of the Moodle™ platform in the region. Much like the MoodleMoot events taking place around the world, experts shared their knowledge on the practical use of Moodle in education.

You can see some of what happened at the event by watching the videos on Moodle™’s YouTube channel.

In this opportunity, popular and hot education topics were brought up in the discussion sessions. Experts debated topics such as student competencies, learning outcomes and what’s next for online learning after the impact of the pandemic.

Mary Cooch — Teaching languages with Moodle™

Mary has been teaching languages for over 20 years and has completely fallen in love with what she can do with Moodle™ for her teaching.

Based on the four most important skills to learn a language —reading, writing, listening and speaking— Mary explains how she uses the platform and how it adapts to make her classes practical, engaging and useful for her and her students.

She also mentioned a plugin that she said could be useful for teachers when grading their students’ written work. This plugin assigns an automatic grade to the student based on the number of words, sentences and target phrases that are present in the essay. The plugin is called Essay (auto-grade).

Hugo Ribeiro — Shape the future of Moodle™ today

Hugo is the newest member of the Moodle™ Users Association (MUA). In this short session Hugo took the time to explain what the Association does.

Present your projects, find support and vote for those proposed by other members. MUA continues to be a powerful user-based source of innovation in free and open source eLearning.

Hibernia College — Redesigning the student experience of a Moodle™ VLE with User-Centred Design

Hibernia aims to become the “most accessible training school,” and the leading provider of initial teacher training in Ireland.

In this session, Fran Mckeagney discussed the topic of redesigning the virtual student learning experience with the Hibernia College population in mind, emphasizing the importance of making good use of digital technologies when approaching an experience redesign.

Juan Leyva — Moodle™ App and BMA for 2021

This session explained how the Moodle™ App works.

Improving the experience of Moodle™ and Moodle™ Workplace on touch screens is one of the key drivers of development in 2021-2022.

Juan also mentions the favorable impact that the pandemic had on Moodle™. For example, in February last year there were 2.3 million active users in the Moodle application and after a year in the same month there are 8 million active users in the application.

He explained the differences between BMA (Moodle™ Branded App) and the premium plan. Juan’s invitation to the audience was to help brand the Moodle™ application, to make it yours.

Martin Dougiamas — Moodle™ and the Future

The event closes with the keynote by Martin Dougiamas, CEO and founder of Moodle™. This presentation talks about Moodle™ and what’s next for the platform.

Martin explains how 2020 was a chaos due to the education crisis, the huge amount of fake news and how this chaos led to many schools being closed.

But as this is a topic that most people are aware of, the question is what’s next? According to Martin, the next generation of Moodle™ will have AI, open skills, AR/VR, more connection to the world, and a higher focus on community building.

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