MoodleMoot US 2019: Watch Out! What To Look For In #MootUS19

moodlemoot us 2019 #mootus19

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The largest EdTech market on the planet, the US still deserves attention. And starting today, some of the largest Moodle Partners, EdTech innovators and Open Learning advocates gather in Philly for MoodleMoot US 2019, probably the largest conference in the Moodle calendar.

Whether you are attending, following live on social media, or keeping tabs for your ongoing personal Open EdTech development, we got you covered. Here are some names and topics worth paying attention, today, tomorrow and hopefully in the coming years.

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Michelle Moore: Getting from Here to There… Starting from the end?

A rising star in the US Open EdTech space, and one of the two minds leading Moodle Partner My Learning Consultant, former Remote-Learner alumni Michelle Moore will invite you to “start from the beginning.” Not an unheard of suggestion in many schools of thought related to project management as well as storytelling, she suggests there could be many intriguing benefits in the design of courses and learning experiences if we “reframe it with the end in mind”

Moore will present on Wednesday and Thursday, both times at 8:30 am PDT | 11:30 Philly\EDT | 4:30 pm BST | 1:30 am AEST (the next day)

Shalimar Anderson: Role Models — Exploring Capabilities and Contexts in Moodle Administration

Straight from the “Indy Soul” of US Open EdTech, Moonami‘s Shalimar Anderson is joined by Kelly Dempsey to reign into the “daunting” forest of role management for Moodle-based LMS. As she will stress out throughout her talk, “Context is everything!”

Anderson will present on Thursday at 8:30 am PDT | 11:30 am Philly\EDT | 4:30 pm BST | Friday 1:30 am AEST

Kristin Kilburn & Jesse Safran: Extensions & Web Service Integrations From Core APIs

It makes sense that the learning company best known for its relentless pace of technological partnerships has an insight or two to share about how seamless LMS integration and extensibility gets done. Playing home (technically just 2 hours away), the largest Moodle Partner in the US and worldwide, eThink Education is keen to make its presence felt across the Moot. If providing an encompassing learning experience with ERP, SIS, eCommerce, or just about any existing technology with an Application Programming Interface (API) is your thing, Kilburn and Safran’s talks are not to be missed.

Safran will present “Creating Your First Web Service Integration From Core APIs” on Wednesday at 8:30 am PDT | 11:30 Philly\EDT | 4:30 pm BST | Thursday 1:30 am AEST

Kilburn will present “Extending Moodle Through Integrations” on Thursday at 11 am PDT | 2 pm Philly\EDT | 7 pm BST | Friday 4 am AEST

Wei Xiong: Open University of China

Deputy Director of OUC’s Vocational Education and Training Centre should give us a unique look on the fascinating, if elusive world of China’s EdTech. LMS hosting millions of students are commonplace, with behavioral, cultural and technical particularities that in all likelihood haven’t even crossed out minds.

Xiong will present on Wednesday at 8:50 am PDT | 11:50 am Philly\EDT | 4:50 pm BST | Thursday 1:50 am AEST

Elizabeth Dalton: Defining and Measuring “Quality Education” with Learning Analytics

In a keynote many of us have been waiting for at least a year, Liz Dalton will debut a revamped visual interface for Moodle’s Learning Analytics. An intuitive way to ask questions and build queries, while welcome, is just the beginning. How little Big Data would our model need to actually be useful? A bold claim raises our anticipation, as Dalton promises a bring-your-laptop practical session with “no programming experience required.”

Dalton will conduct the practical workshop today at 11 am PDT | 2 pm Philly\EDT | 7 pm BST | Wednesday 4 am AEST

She will later present on Wednesday 11:10 am PDT | 2:10 pm Philly\EDT | 7:10 pm BST | Thursday 4:10 am AEST

Vanessa Royce: Building Blocks for Reach, Impact and Success in Moodle

eThink Education’s Training Coordinator and one of the heads of eThink Academy has some fresh insight to share from the first cohorts of eThink’s brand new training offering, which includes the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC). One of the distinguishing features of Academy is its close interaction and feedback from actual clients, as Royce, formerly eThink’s Client Care Analyst, is also involved in the implementation of eThink’s customer solutions.

Royce will join Kristin Kilburn to showcase the Academic Tutoring Center case study on Wednesday, 7:30 am PDT | 10:30 am Philly\EDT | 3:30 pm BST | Thursday 12:30 am AEST

She will also present “Let Training Work for You” on Thursday, PDT noon | 3 pm Philly\EDT | 8 pm BST | Friday 5 am AEST

Tonya Riney: Engagement & Retention Made Easy with Analytics and Reporting Dashboard

Tonya Riney, PhD, Executive VP at IntelliBoard and an EdTech veteran, has a long and successful track record in both the academic and the sales parts of the operation.

Furthermore, she has been at the forefront of IntelliBoard, perhaps the most robust analytics dashboard solution available for LMS. Moodle, most of the Top premium Totara and Moodle Partners, and even proprietary LMS take advantage of its ability to plug IntelliBoard and deliver predictive analytics through intuitive and dashing interfaces.

Riney will present “Engagement & Retention Made Easy with IntelliBoard” Wednesday, 8:30 am PDT | 11:30 am Philly\EDT | 4:30 pm BST | Thursday 1:30 am AEST

And on Thursday, she will showcase “Current and Future New Developments from IntelliBoard” at 11:20 am PDT | 2:20 pm EDT | 7:20 pm BST | Friday 4:20 am AEST

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