Moodlemoot US Presentation decks available online

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If you’re interested in checking out the slide decks for the many amazing presentations given last week at the 2015 Moodlemoot US you can download and view many of them from the Presentation database at

Here are a few presentations that you should definitely check out:

  • Moodle at Scale: Growth Doesn’t Have to Be Painful [pdf]
  • Teaching Online about Teaching Online: Four Pillars for Success [pdf]
  • Moodle Customizations at NC State [ppt]
  • Investigating using Large Scale Cloud Computing to host Moodle (AWS) [ppt]
  • Bleeding Edge UX: Pushing the Limits of Moodle to Transform the Course Experience [pdf]

And there are loads more that you might find interesting. Browse the submissions, slide decks, and additional resources at The main conference room at the Moot recorded every session so some of these will be available shortly on the Moodle HQ Youtube Channel as part of the new “Moodle TV” initiative (which is working to establish a database of TED-talk-ish presentation recordings from around the world). Stay tuned!

A user dashboard example from the "Bleeding Edge Ux" presentation listed above
A user dashboard example from the “Bleeding Edge Ux” presentation listed above

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