MoodleNews Wants You: Help Us Give You What You Want In Our 2018 Annual Survey

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Are you looking to enhance your Moodle skills, for development, management and teaching? Are you interested in following the latest Moodleverse threads, new ideas to recharge your practice, or stay current with original research? Do you want to keep track of the way Moodle transforms learning far and wide across the globe?

No matter what your Moodle, EdTech or Professional Development resolution is, we want to be right with you.

As our new year tradition, we are inviting all of our readers to fill out our “How Do You Prefer Your MoodleNews?” 2018 survey. It will help us know more about what you need and look for in our content and media. It will also be a critical input for the development of future products.

Over the years, we have made our best efforts to bring value to the wonderful and diverse Moodle community, and we need your help to stay on the right track.

Please fill out our survey by following this link. It will take less than a minute, but it will be immensely useful for us throughout the year.

Of course, we’re always eager to hear your voice on our comments sections, on social media or good old email.

Thank you for being a Moodler, one of our selective readers and a participant.

Survey “How Do You Prefer Your MoodleNews?” 2018

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