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For the past few years the Midwest Moot in Goshen, IN has provided Moodlers access to some great presentations and keynotes through the efforts of organizer Floyd Saner. However 2014 will not include a Midwest Moot on the schedule according to a recent announcement from Floyd,

Organizing and running a Moodle Moot involves a lot of effort.  I organized the Midwest Moodle Moot for the last five years and have developed a deep respect for anyone who plans and runs a conference. The Midwest Moots have always been rewarding experiences, but I need a break!

I decided I will not organize a Midwest Moodle Moot this year and instead will lend my full support to two other excellent local moots – the Ohio Moot and the Mountain Moot.  I previously attended and presented at both of these moots and highly recommend both.

The Ohio Moot takes place June 19-20 at the Mid-Ohio Conference Center in Mansfield, OH.  Conference presentation proposals are accepted until May 10.  Discounts are available for group registrations.

The Mountain Moot takes place July 9-11 at Carroll College in Helena, MT.  Conference presentation proposals are being accepted now.  Early registration ends April 25. If you use the promotional code “midwest” (no quotes), you will receive $10 off any registration.  Pre-conference workshops are available.

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2 Responses

  1. The Michigan REMC organization does an outstanding job with a Michigan Moodle Moot held for the past two years. While the focus is primarily K-12 there were a lot of colleges there this year and I believe the sessions are good for all levels. The Michigan Moodle Moot is held in January and you can sign up to be reminded on the website:
    If you are nearby it is well worth attending!

  2. I recommend forming a Moodle Association for your state, network or nation. In Japan, with an association membership of over 300, we can spread the logistical work and costs over many people. I can see that organizing is a labor of love, Floyd, and it is fun and manageable when you can do that in a big family.

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