Nós Tambén, Muito Obrigado. MoodleMoot Brazil 2017 Recap

Nós Tambén, Muito Obrigado. MoodleMoot Brazil 2017 Recap

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The last weekend of April was the time for MoodleMoot Brazil 2017, one of the two Moodle events in the country. Held at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo, it gave us a chance to get to know strategies and innovation in learning and EdTech, Brasileiro style.

The vastness of the country translates to Moodle, with 4,555 sites registered at at writing. Brazil is the third largest stronghold for the Open Source technology. Universities, schools, corporations, the government and even some religious institutions count among their users.

It all started on the morning of Thursday, the 27th

After the inauguration, the Moot kicked things off with HQ Moodler Gavin Henrick, Community Projects Manager based in Dublin. He covered Analytics, and its importance in getting to know who in the world uses Moodle, and how. He also covered the current projects, and those the team is about to embark, for Moodle 3.3 and 3.4 respectively.

Next up, Maranhão State University introduced Harpia, a “student integration and management” platform. It offers ample communication with Moodle, managing tasks such as faculty and department management, school enrollment and data repository. Harpia will soon be available as Open Source.

Afternoon simultaneous sessions

You might have heard of Daniel Neis if you keep track of the Moodle plugins and forum pages. He started the afternoon with his talk, “Everything you always wanted to know about Moodle programming and did not have whom to ask.” A quick overview of the new tools Moodle offers for programmers followed an engaging Q&A session.

Other talks on the afternoon covered “Differentiated Didactical Course Content Design”, Moodle for Homeschooling, Moodle for Public Schools, Moodle for SMEs, LTI, and a few use case studies.

Friday morning, straight from HQ

Simey Lameze, Brazilian developer at Moodle HQ, returned with news about Moodle 3.3. to start the April 28th session. It came with the added gravitas of having the stage closest to its release. He covered native integrations (Font Awesome, office suites), and “My Course Overview” block, bound to revolutionize how students stay close to their deadlines.

Another Analytics session followed, this time by local DevOps engineers from 4Linux. Their illustration of a system that aggregates behaviors across online students, to identify trends and inform decision-making, named beeAnalytics, is a philosophical sibling of Moodle HQ’s own Project Inspire.

A round table, with Henrick and the Moot organizers, topped the event.

The Moodle party in Brazil did not end for 2017. A second MootBR17 will take place in Salvador next October.

We thank and credit Felipe Raimo for the coverage, and more photographic evidence (selfie warning).

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