Open Driven Innovation In EdTech Conferences: Lessons For Educators From Upcoming MoodleMoot UK & Ireland, This September

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Sign up for Moodlemoot UK & Ireland 2020 Online September 28-30, Worldwide

The lines between physical and digital continue to blur. It’s true for the classroom, and it’s true for conferences and the event industry at large.

But among a disheartening sea of cancellations, creativity has spurred. For the open learning community, some ideas have gained ground, while others have ended up being singular and potentially groundbreaking:

  • Fast deployment of hybrid modes thanks to BigBlueButton (MoodleMoot Japan)
  • “VIP zone” with perks including close interaction with speakers (MoodleMoot Mexico)
  • “Virtual Cafe” (MoodleMoot Global)
  • Intense “online BarCamp” (MoodleMoot DACH)
  • “Build-A-Moodle Workshop” (MoodleMoot Colombia)
  • “MootCoins” (Mountain Moot. To be fair the Helena gathering has been ahead of the curve in the in-event engagement game for years.)

With a Twist: What to expect at Moodlemoot UK and Ireland 2020 Online

To experience the best in open learning event innovation, few examples compete with the offer built by Brickfield Labs co-founder and veteran Moodler Gavin Henrick, for the upcoming MoodleMoot UK & Ireland online. Initially a live event filled with surprises and detail, the rescheduled conference moves online with a thoughtful and flexible program that mixes recording and live sessions, headed with comprehensive, day long workshops. You can rest assured Henrick has been attending conferences left and right to ensure participants don’t feel left out.

And this is the result:

  • Pre-recorded sessions: Standard presentations will be prerecorded, available one week before the event and throughout October.
  • Live sessions: Designed to encourage a high level of participation, they include:
    • Open Mic
    • Group panels with presenters
    • Meet the experts — Q&A
  • Workshop: Intensive sessions made of small groups and one or two facilitators on a variety of topics, including
    • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
    • Virtual Learning Environments
    • Summative and Formative Assessments
    • Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) — Teaching and Learning Module
    • Accessibility in Course Design
    • Developer Hackfest
      and many more.

But wait! All participants will be a part of a special interest group, to network and collaborate with peers with similar interests using the platform that will remain active after the live event. Other goodies include:

  • A 2-for-1, giving you an extra ticket on every registration (Which you may donate to a pool of applicants)
  • Merch! A MoodleMoot package with a t-shirt, a mug and “other goodies”
  • More surprises yet TBD

Learn more and sign up at

Wait, it’s all Accessibility? Always has been — Gavin Henrick at the Elearning Success Summit

Gavin Henrick

Check out “Accessible & Fool-proof” by Gavin Henrick at the Elearning Success Summit
Get an All Access Pass for a “Moodle Universal Design for Learning Guide”

Henrik’s experiences in marketing, business development and event production may seem unrelated with accessibility. But at this year’s Elearning Success Summit, he paints a clear and straightforward picture.

There are three terms that often get conflated, but while they do mean different things, they are interrelated, or better yet, different sides of the same issue: Accessibility, Usability and Inclusion. For people with limited abilities, accessing learning platforms can prove challenging. Now let’s imagine that a mysterious phenomena makes all of as unable to see. Cue people and organizations scrambling to adapt to a “New Tactile Normal” with all kinds of logistical problems. Hyperbolic as it is, this situation is not too different to the restriction of movement we’re all experiencing at a global scale. If the pandemic had happened only on a small part of the planet, impeding people to attend a conference in person, you might run into some advocacy organizations promoting online alternatives, but not the massive, collective adoption of online conference models to ensure the continuity of prepared schedules we are witnessing today. Inability to hear or see, while affecting a minority of the world’s population today. (466 million and up to 2.2 billion, respectively.) If Henrick had to choose a broader word, it would be “Availability.” In this regard, bringing the conference online and ensuring that people with the inability to travel can still participate, is only part of the same mission he’s pursued throughout his career; well into his position at Brickfield Labs, which among other things develops technology to assess the accessibility status of a Moodle site.

Check out “Accessible & Fool-proof” by Gavin Henrick at the Elearning Success Summit
Get an All Access Pass for a “Moodle Universal Design for Learning Guide”

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