‘Parceiros’ Gathered In MoodleMoot Brazil 2017-Rio, The ‘Middle’ Moot

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If there is a lesson that can be learned from either Brazil’s Moots or their national men’s soccer team, it is that reaching the top is, above all, a matter of staying on the game. It’s no coincidence Brazil is now the third Moodle country with more than five thousand registered sites.

So let’s spruce up our Portuguese and follow the second MoodleMoot Brazil of the year (of three planned) and the 15th overall in the country in 11 years.

Day one started with José Ricardo Bergmann, Vice-Principal at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and host of the event.

Following Professor Bergman’s opening, a round table took place.

Then came the highlight of the event: a Palestra (Lecture) by Moodle HQ’s own Martin Dougiamas.

Read coverage from earlier this month in MoodleNews: “Watch Moodle Founder Martin Dougiamas Set His Vision. MoodleMoot US 2017-NOLA”

Minicursos about Moodle for Iniciantes (Beginners), HP5 and Atto templates for conteúdos interativos, and EDOOC: Easy Moodle-based open learning interface, filled the afternoon.

Before the first day was over,  Daniel Neis of Adapta, the latest Moodle Partner in Brazil, showcased performance testing in Moodle. Also from Adapta, Gilvan Marques showed off the latest features from Moodle Mobile and Mobile Desktop the following day.

On the following Thursday, Moodle HQ’s Simey Lameze returned to his homeland to showcase Moodle 3.4’s Novidades. Dougiamas was also present during the morning, in the Comunidade Moodle Brasil’s community panel, followed by Marques.

Case studies shown throughout the event included:

Other globally important subjects covered in Rio included:

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in Moodle + WCAG + e-MAG = acessibilidade em AVAs
  • “Boost” child theme development in A arte jedi de criar temas para o moodle – episódio dois – O boost contra ataca (The Jedi art of building Moodle themes: Episode II: “Boost” Strikes Back)
  • Facebook Messenger integration in Facebook Messenger Notifier: Um Plugin para Integração do Moodle com o Aplicativo de Troca de Mensagens Facebook Messenger
  • Competency-Based Education for corporate learning in Avaliação por Competências – um caso coorporativo
  • Semantic Web in Linked Data e Aplicações Educacionais Semânticas – Ferramenta FAT para análise de fórum
  • User Experience in A experiência de uso do Moodle nas disciplinas de Empreendedorismo (Using Moodle for Entrepreneurship education)

Next stop: MoodleMoot Brazil 2017 “Itinerante”, Salvador, Bahía, November 13th and 14th, 2017.

Check out our #MootBR17 Twitter Moment here.

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