Be a part of the MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2017! Submit your presentation proposals #MootIEUK17

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MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2017 – the annual Moodle conference hosted by Moodle HQ, is all set to encourage collaboration from 10 – 12 April 2017 at Park Plaza Riverbank, London. The call for presentation is now open and you can submit your presentation proposal on or before Monday 6 February 2017.
There is no specific theme for the conference this year so you can submit your presentation proposal supporting the aim of the conference:

  • to showcase the latest educational research and developments related to Moodle;
  • to share experiences with the open source platform – what have you learnt, what works and what doesn’t – so others can learn from those experiences to enhance and improve their Moodle sites;
  • to provide a forum to discuss education and the professional practice of being an educator;
  • to help debate, networking and professional development opportunities.

Be a part of the MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2017! Submit your presentation proposals #MootIEUK17
If you would like to attend the MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2017, then you can register yourself with a special Early-Bird pricing, which is available until 27 February 2017. The conference is a good starting point to increase your networking with other Moodlers in your country, Moodle Partners & Moodle HQ team. For complete details about the conference plan and updates, check out the MoodleMoot website here. 

What you can expect from the conference:

You can expect the following at the conference:

  • workshops run by Moodle HQ staff, Moodle Partners and community members;
  • presentations by speakers from around the country and across the globe, who have been invited to present for their educational experience, Moodle expertise and creative thinking;
  • keynote addresses from Moodle Founder and CEO and other prominent education experts;
  • community panel sessions, debates and other engaging activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to submit your presentation proposal here and register for the conference here. What are you expecting from this year’s MoodleMoot conference in London? Any new product launches by Moodle HQ? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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