Presentation from MootUS15: Using Governance to Maintain Transparency, Buy In, and Support

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GovernanceA wonderful presentation about how governance can be used as a strategic tool for maintaining transparency, buy in and support for your LMS was given by Martin Dulberg at MoodleMoot US 2015. This is one of those topics that is incredibly important, but is always in danger of falling by the wayside – or simply ‘never getting done’ – because it is not prioritized (or seen as a high priority). In fact, Martin makes a great point that at NC State they have 2000 faculty and have to struggle to get 3 or 4 faculty to participate in the process.

The crux of the presentation comes around minute 6:45 where Martin explains why governance plays a key role in maintaining a happy LMS environment. Good governance:

  1. Helps you to make sure your meeting the needs of a large and diverse population of users
  2. Helps to get buy in from your stakeholders
  3. Provides transparency about “why” and “how” things are happening with the LMS
  4. Offers opportunity for critical review of decisions

Check out the presentation below or hit the direct link:

How is governance handled at your institution? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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