Rebooting The Moodle Cinematic Universe. Lewis Carr At iMoot16

Rebooting The Moodle Cinematic Universe. Lewis Carr At MoodleMoot US

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There comes a point in the journey of a superhero where the popularity tide begins to turn against them. Fearing fandom fatigue, studios decide to reboot. Audiences now don’t have to deal with decades of backstory and it is easier for them to become part of the cultural phenomenon.

Lewis Carr is not talking about the cinematic universe adaptations of comic books. He is all about revamping the perception of Moodle, our one true superhero. Presented at iMoot 2016, Carr makes some valuable points with the reboot analogy which Moodle Partners, the Moodle Users Association, Moodle HQ and the community at large might benefit if they take it to heart.

Lewis brings three possible answers to the “what happened” table.

  1. Novelty factor wore off.
  2. People have a natural inclination for something new.
  3. Let’s be real, the right answer is that other LMS are stepping up their game while we are playing “small ball”.

You can almost hear Carr’s clenched fist pound on the table:

If we don’t reinvent our Moodle platforms, we won’t be around much longer.

So, how can we change our public perception? Carr proposes a 4-step plan:

  1. Discovery. Let’s go back to our base and rediscover ourselves. What do we want to do with Moodle? What do learners want, and do we deliver that? Keep in mind that this is a very different world than when Moodle first came into action.
  2. Design. Listening to users should give Moodle the energy to bounce back. Carr merges the discussion of design evolution with course evolution. He suggests design to make the sacrifice for content delivery to take a step forward.
  3. Development. Carr joins the many top moodlers suggesting that CSS gains prominence. This would ease theme customization. But for this some elementary functionality needs to exist on the core. Like global search and all-encompassing language packs.
  4. Deployment. How we design the Moodle setup storyline influences thinking. Carr points out that this is an opportunity to “inspire a new way”. Courses should not be fit into pre-made layouts, the layout should be able to wrap content. Tags should replace blocks for a more flexible grouping. Teachers should be able to change and manage things at will. These are some of Lewis Carr brainstorming.

Perhaps DC or Marvel could be interested in adding Moodle to their rosters?

See the full keynote slides below.

[slideshare id=64733537&doc=imoot16-keynote-lewiscarr-160805134917]


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How should Moodle ensure its long-term survival?

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