Save Your Spot! Brazil, India And More To End The Year’s MoodleMoot Tour

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MoodleMoot Brazil 2018 (the second one) in João Pessoa, November 22 and 23

The Brazilian Moots are a sight to see. Don’t be surprised if three are organized next year because this country’s are some of the most attended, with people standing and sitting on floors and stairs. Not only the community is vibrant, the quality of the solutions, talent and instruccional design is world class.

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MoodleMoot India 2018 in Hyderabad, November 29 and 30

A few days later and half way around the world, another gathering with vast contrasts and a surprising number of familiarities alike will take place.

Perhaps the most enticing similarity is the prominent role of both open source technologies and online education in the future development roadmap. The rapid demographic growth of a population about to demand higher and professional education services make online education the backbone of government development plans, which is sure to propel the growth of the ecosystem.

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But if Brazil boasts top Moodle technology talent, India can rightfully brag about having top tech talent, period. The nation’s developers are expected to become critical for the global economy as demand for AI architects and other next-gen computing solutions sprawls from every industry.

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End of 2018 Moots Calendar

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All the ingredients are ready for India and Brazil to set Moodle’s pace of innovation in the coming years. Don’t miss out! Be sure to follow our coverage. Interested in covering the next one for us? Drop us a line!

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