Se Hablará Español: MoodleMoots in the Americas in 2017

Se Hablará Español: MoodleMoots in the Americas in 2017

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For the second part of the year, Moodle is heading out for a tour around the Americas. MoodleMoots across the continent will bring Spanish-speaking communities into the limelight. The region is becoming a more important stronghold for Moodle with each passing day.

Here is a look at Moodle’s upcoming “tour of the Americas”:

August 22nd: MoodleMoot Guatemala 2017

A relative newcomer to open source learning, Guatemala City will welcome regional experts in August. This event will be a key meeting of the minds about the future of education in Central America.

The call for presentations is currently open. Find out more at

August 31st – September 1st: MoodleMoot Colombia 2017

Colombia offers a surprising outlook for Moodle. While Colombia is not among the most populous or the more connected countries, this is Moodle’s 8th largest event. It ranks higher than both India and Australia. It is third in the Spanish-speaking rankings and the Americas’ second after Mexico (third counting Brazil.)

The edition will focus on practical emerging pedagogy and applied neuroscience. Some of the world’s renowned researchers in the field are Colombian.

Find out more at

September 26-28th: MoodleMoot Paraguay 2017

In a recent interview, co-organizer Laura Martinez shared some details about the fourth edition of this landlocked country’s Moot. Paraguay’s local education community has been enthusiastic about the possibility of using virtual environments to reach out across the region’s most underserved locations.

Read the interview here.

Find out more at

November 2nd-3rd: MoodleMoot Peru 2017

With a robust economy and steady improvement in social indicators, Peru (and neighboring Ecuador) are becoming an important part of the conversation. As these emerging places develop their educational practices, they devise strategies to tackle their specific needs. In Peru, much like in the rest of the continent, quality disparities and chasms between provinces and urban centers are some of the most urgent issues.

Preliminary topics scheduled for the Lima summit cover analytics and biometrics, with a special focus on HR processes. Moodle CEO & creator Martin Dougiamas is set to discuss “Moodle futures” in the closing keynote (mind the plural).

Find out more at

November 13-14th: MoodleMoot Brazil (Salvador) 2017

The large Portuguese-speaking community has a tradition of holding two Moots a year. One in São Paulo, which took place last April, and another one in a more rural or intermediate city. For 2017, the location of choice is Salvador, a paradisiacal, former colony.

Find out more at

TBD: MoodleMoot Mexico 2017

A comment on its Facebook page mentions MoodleMoot Mexico will take place at the end of the year, but no additional details are currently available.

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