Share your memorable moments about world's most popular Open source LMS – Moodle on 15th birthday celebrations #moodleparty

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World’s most popular open source LMS – Moodle is turning 15 on the upcoming Sunday, 20th August 2017. The wonderful journey started back on 20th August 2002 with the release of Moodle 1.0, which is marked as the official birthday of this awesome open source LMS.
In this awesome 15 year journey, Moodle has grown up from a toddler into a teenager. From Moodle version 1.0 to Moodle 3.3, from one Moodle partner to 88 partners, from one country to 234 countries, from one Moodle user to 100 million (106,948,176) Moodle users all over the globe, from One Moodle developer (Martin Dougiamas) to 606 Moodle developers, powering around 80k websites all over the globe (Source –

Moodle memorable Moments:

To celebrate the Moodle’s 15 birthday, Moodle HQ has started a new initiative to build a memory bank. You can share your memorable Moodle moments in the last 15 years or your birthday messages. You can share your birthday messages and wishes through the following channels:

Learn more about the history of Moodle here:

Congratulations to all the Moodlers around the world on this occasion. You can also share your messages with us in the comments below.
Enjoy Moodling!!! #MoodleParty

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