Start Your High-Speed, Maglev Moodle Engines! MoodleMoot Japan Is Around The Corner

Start Your High-Speed, Maglev Moodle Engines! MoodleMoot Japan Is Around The Corner

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Like the “Chuo Shinkasen” Magnetic Levitation train that will connect Tokyo and Nagoya in under an hour, preparations for February 17th-19 2017 MoodleMoot Japan are boasting record-breaking speed to showcase the best technology ―in our case, EdTech― the nation has to offer.

As we and reported, this year will focus on the “Active Learning” approach that has gained popularity across the country’s education sector and EdTech world. It relates to a student’s ability to put into practice recently acquired skills, such that practical experience and creativity become the substrate and drivers of learning.

A distinguishing feature of this event is the “Moodle Genius Bar” (達人コーナー), where people with any kind of question or issue on everything Moodle can go and find a team of expert, volunteers and volunteering experts.

Confirmed keynote speakers are led by Moodle Founder and HQ CEO, Martin Dougiamas. He will talk about translating the ideas behind Active Learning on the LMS on “Active Learning in Moodle”, one of his two engagements. On the other one, “Moodle 3.2 and the Roadmap Ahead”, Dougiamas is expected to disclose the future developments following the substantial improvements brought by past December’s Moodle 3.2.

Professor Emeritus Shigeru Hoyashita, Ph.D. is also a keynote speaker, with his presentation “Active Learning using Moodle and Construction of Joint Use Hub for University ICT Education”, which will offer a broad perspective of Japan’s Active Learning and his personal experience on a higher education use case.

Workshops start on Friday, February 17th, with talks and discussion sessions following on the 18th-19th weekend. A conference reception will take place Saturday evening.

A MoodleMoot often infuses the place it is held with engaging and welcoming conversation on the forefronts of education and technology. When it takes place on a campus, the effects on the atmosphere are manifold. And when they allow you to deepen your knowledge of Moodle as an Open Source technology and as a community ―in this case the Moodle Association of Japan― it is simply an event not to miss.

Find out more about Moodle Association of Japan memberships.

See the complete program here (PDF).

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