Teaching With Moodle MOOC Week 2 And We Are Still Waiting For You

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By the end of the week we’ll be halfway through the official Moodle HQ “Teaching With Moodle” MOOC. But there is no rush. You haven’t missed any deadlines! Contents will remain for a while, and so will the forums. Moodle cannot replace oxygen intake (we’ll see what version 3.2 brings), so you’re better off taking a deep breath and going your pace. Get a pace, though. Patience and perseverance always comes a long way. But let’s not dwell on how they are the staples of great teachers, instead let’s jump right in.

To see some of the content for the links in this article you need to sign up (for free) at

Don’t know where to start, or why? Dare #3 I would bet this will not be the last time you will endure some format of structured learning online. And I dare to believe that, chances are, you are not enrolled in other online offerings simply because they do not exist yet. And since a big part of this MOOC involves you creating a course on your own, here is my humble challenge: Make the online course you wish it existed. Take this opportunity to structure your own future learning path, for the next 6 to 12 months. The content is out there. Be the learning that you want to see in the World. Wide Web, of course. Go through the grunt work. You’ll realize how you can make Moodle to be “the learning to kickoff all learnings”.

The week that was

See our Week One coverage here.

The fact that it is gratis should not prevent you from thinking the quality of this course is top notch. Even compared to paid offerings. Another thing I love is the embracing atmosphere of the forums. This is self-actualizing learning professionals I’m talking about.

Week One included a 5-minute overview video you don’t need to see twice. You could watch it in YouTube, with closed captions if you wish. You could also download it to your mobile or immobile device. Here is a small highlight from Mary (instructor and “Moodle fairy“):

We have made it easy so you can focus on experiencing Moodle and not be concerned about grades and grading. Your grade is not significant.

The first order of business naturally: opening your own shop.

Other activities included: introducing yourself, setting up your Moodle and adding blocks to it, answering some open question\feedback activities and completing the easiest quiz ever. As you go through the content you will acquaint yourself with the Moodle experience itself. If there is something what you think could be better, take note. Is it the navigation, or the fact that there is not a ‘download’ option right next to the embedded video? By the end of the course you will see the many ways at your disposal to make those improvements in your own course.

You will know when you have given what is requested of you. A checkbox next to each activity will let you know.

Interested in Moodle for Mobile? Dare #2 “Teaching with Moodle” MOOC is using a responsive Moodle theme. Use your browser’s agent switcher to see how the blocks from this MOOC reorganize in any device.

The week that is

This week will reinforce terminology. You will not be confused again about what is a resource, activity or block. You will start to include them in your Moodle course.

A discussion about the kind of teacher you intend to be also follows. How you design your learning offering determines the uses of your Moodle’s resources, activities and blocks. How autonomous you want your students to be? How much will you reward collaboration?

You will be soaked into Moodle enough to start placing Moodle aside and begin considering how to serve your students best, now with the toolbelt that is Moodle around your waist.

And you will face the first deadline, an easy assignment to deliver by August 24th.

Living fast? Dare #1 Befriend the recycle bin. Create as many sections and activities as you want in your course, test the limit. Next morning, be your own worst judge and delete stuff mercilessly. Over the weekend, get some of your self-compassion back and restore things with “potential”.

A second live section is scheduled for Sunday. You can access a recording of the last one on the MOOC resources.

Many users are late joiners. Register at There is also a dedicated Teaching with Moodle app for Android and iOS that will give you access to the full course.

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