The Experience Of Learning Efficiency. MoodleMoot Germany 2018 Highlights

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The latest Moodle-centric gathering in Germany proved how, if you can isolate every element of the learning experience, it can be optimized, from the “front end” system the user encounters every time they log into Moodle, to the seamlessness to which it connects to other systems securely and reliably, to the way it convinces students of the higher purpose to which their work contributes.

Here are 4 areas of the learning experience German Moodlers showed can be systematically improved:

Instruction. As Dag Klimas has argued since day one, efficiency in instruction should come at the forefront of every learning design. This is particularly true in corporate settings looking to obtain better rates of return on training initiatives, but gains in this field can translate to others. Ways to improve instruction include more succinct video content and better documentation, Klimas suggests.

Feedback. Perhaps one of the pain points in the Feedback Loop involves turning open-ended user feedback, like written texts, into actionable cues to modify the system. Björn Bulizek showcased how machine learning can speed up the process of filtering valuable insight into learning design.

System integration. Efficiency should not be an excuse to dismiss new and experimental ideas. On the contrary, participants found out just how close Moodle Development in Germany is to the vibrant startup scene elsewhere in the country and the continent. Several EdTech and supporting fields offer a rich landscape of ideas on how to develop more robust learning solutions.

A future purpose. The last item in this list corresponds to the first item on the Moot schedule. Moodle founder Martin Dougiamas delivered his customary opening keynote with a plea for a global vision of learning that builds global citizens who defend open initiatives.

Check out our #MootDE18 Twitter Moment.

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