The LMS Space Race: The Top Players Today, We Got’em All At The Elearning Success Summit

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This is it. The only event where you’ll get to hear from all the top LMS players is just a few hours away. The Elearning Success Summit will be the place where every leading player will be able to share their story and tell you where they’re coming from.

For many reasons, most of them I believe positive, our first edition of the Summit will be inevitable from the COVID-19 pandemic, the global shutdown of physical classrooms, and the opening of the floodgates towards virtual ones. It’s the industry’s biggest challenges. And thanks to the Summit, you’ll also hear from the leading responders at the digital frontlines. While nobody was 100% ready for this, several common understandings emerge. Principles of work, collaboration and integration that are likely to cement the basis for the LMS Space Race in the decade to come.

Instructure Canvas will make you COVID-19 ready

Watch Jared Stein on Wednesday

For Stein and the Instructure team, this is a point of no return. The company behind Canvas, North America’s largest LMS in Higher Ed, is finding the massive transition to hybrid learning a little bit more than they bargained for. And Stein is thrilled. VP of Higher Ed Strategy, he’s been moving up the ranks pretty much since the beginning. Not that he’s forgotten where he comes from. As Canvas exceeds its own record of 2 million concurrent users, Stein is answering support tickets like everybody else. Faithful to its name, however, Stein shares Instructure lesson on information architecture, reliability, responsiveness and “the scalability that’s on our DNA.”

Open LMS: From Blackboard to LTG, the streak of service enhancement continues

Watch Phill Miller on Wednesday

Formerly Moodlerooms and just out of dropping the Blackboard name —but remaining in strong partnership—, Open LMS continues to be a force of good in elearning, open source, accessibility and interoperability. Miller is no stranger to sudden swinging forces, internal and external. But fortunately for him and his customers, he’s always found powerful allies in his plea for consolidation. A strengthening of forces to support educators, in his view the ones who actually matter. “Technology has never taught anybody anything.”

D2L: A force of friendliness and equal access in online learning

Watch Kenneth Chapman on Wednesday

On her own comfortable pace, this company is more interested in providing an optimal learning experience to each and every students, than to join a fight to the top at all costs. Which makes his prominence around the world, especially Canada —its home base— and the US all the more impressive. Once you are drawn into D2L’s story, it’s impossible not to be persuaded by its arguments of how equity is orders of magnitude more achievable on the online sphere than on physical classrooms. And that’s only the gateway. Chapman goes on an impressive 4-phase plan to address the crisis that doesn’t end with the reopening of campuses, but rather goes on into “Evolve” and “Transform.”

Sakai: A neverending need to disrupt elearning, biased towards collaboration

Watch Charles Severance on Wednesday

The best and brightest in Higher Ed joined forces and gave birth to Sakai, a new approach to online learning that succeeded in “making people think.” And “Dr. Chuck” was at the helm of the pack. “We are the sand in the oyster.” While its influence is not readily apparent, Severance, Sakai and the Apereo Foundation‘s role in the shape of the current technologies must not be overlooked. While he and the project remain as the “purists” in regards to market prerogatives, Sakai takes change to heart: “nothing stays the same in teaching and learning. If the product [you use] stops moving, it’s time to get off it.” Opinionated as ever, Dr. Chuck will not only rattle with your ideas about what an LMS should be, but also how do think about procuring them, using them and play the ace under your sleeve that is your data.

Moodle: Systems owned by all to make the world a better place

Watch Martin Dougiamas, Moodle’s CEO on Wednesday

Nearing the second decade of the Moodle adventure, Dougiamas brings a familiar take on the state of elearning, yet one that is as bold and rebellious as ever. In all corners of the world but one, Moodle dominates in users and sites for both K-12 and Higher Ed, and all signs point at a leg up in the global corporate space.

All of this was before the education systems around the world open the floodgates towards virtual learning. An estimated 90% of school globally are closed, which for Moodle, the most likely first LMS experience for any given learner, means they’re getting the bulk of this onrush.

Bonus: The Top Moodle Partners (and all Premium Moodle Partners) are on the Summit as well

Dougiamas will be the first to recognize how the growth of Moodle in the most disputed markets —the U.S., Australia and the UK— is due to a large degree to the ground effort by the partners. Which is also why we’re please to have representatives from the largest Moodle Partners in the Summit.


Watch “Value Stacking with a Premium Moodle Partner: How to Quickly & Easily Launch a Full-scale LMS with All the Plugins, Integrations & Tools Necessary for Learner Success” by Kelly Dempsey, John Porten and John DeFonzo on Wednesday

My Learning Consultants

Watch “The 5 Things Everyone Does Wrong when Moving to Elearning: Common Mistakes Elearning Educators Make & How to Avoid These Disasters from the Get-go in Your LMS” by Michelle Moore on Tuesday

Titus Learning

Watch “Zero Stress LMS Implementation: Avoid the Mistakes of Other Educators So You Can Create an Effective LMS with Little to No Stress” Seb Francis on Friday


Watch “Decrease the Social Distance: How and Why You Should Create a Cohesive Learning Ecosystem for Your Organization” Dean Saunders on Friday

eThink Education

Watch “Corporate Learner Success Secrets: How to ‘Wow’ Corporate Learners with the Latest Personalization & Communication Techniques” by Ben Cass on Thursday

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