The toddler starts crawling – MoodleWorld turns 2 today!! Happy Birthday MoodleWorld

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MoodleWorld turns into a toddler today who knows how to crawl and send the message in its own sweet and simple voice to everyone. Today, I am happy to tell you all that MoodleWorld is now 2 years old and in such a short span of time it was able to acquire the place of best online platform about all the news, announcements, topics, advancements in the Moodle LMS world.
Started on 03rd March 2015 with an idea to keep the Moodlers updated about the fast paced changes happening in the Moodle arena. The journey started with a small Hello Moodle (Simply because while learning any programming language one used to write the first program as Hello World, so I started this memorable journey with Hello Moodle.)
In the last one year period, we covered 437 articles about vast variety of Moodle related news like Moodle Plugins, Teaching Tips, MoodleMoots, Moodle Partners, Moodle User’s Association, Moodle Mobile app etc. We have now more than 350+ followers on Twitter and 130+ Facebook fans. Our weekly newsletters subscribers list is fastest growing with a total user base of 725+ subscribers.
The toddler starts crawling - MoodleWorld turns 2 today!! Happy Birthday MoodleWorld
I would like to appreciate a big thanks to all the readers, twitter followers, Facebook fans and everyone from Moodle community in making MoodleWorld as the best platform for Moodle and related news.

Next Year Targets:

The targets for next year includes:

  • Starting Video Tutorials series for First Time Moodle users
  • Tiny Moodle Guides for different topics
  • And of course, covering all Moodle related news and happenings around the world

Stay tuned for more updates.
Many thanks and Cheers for making this occasion special with your support!!!

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  1. Hi Frankie,
    Many thanks to you and everyone else for making MoodleWorld’s birthday so special.

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