Top Billing For Body, Motion, and Wearables With Lian Loke’s Upcoming MoodleMoot Australia Keynote

Top Billing For Body, Motion, Wearables With Lian Loke's Upcoming MoodleMoot Australia Keynote

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Software EdTech has a clear and measurable effect on the way students’ minds work. But what about the rest of the body? This and other questions, from ergonomics all the way up to architecture, deserve a larger space in the mainstream learning conversation.

This is, at least in part, the motivation behind Lian Loke’s research at Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning. It also explains why she has been chosen as the keynote speaker for MoodleMoot Australia 2017 next month.

It makes perfect sense for Loke to address the Moodleverse now. As the open source LMS leaps into new developments in interface and user experience design, the number of issues designers are bound to face will expand across dimensions, most of which fall into Loke’s research interests:

  • Aesthetics of interaction
  • Movement-based interaction design
  • Creativity, performance, body, and technology
  • Design methods for critical and human-centered design

A last, eye-catching concept (but by no means new) Loke spearheads is “Somatic Literacy,” which entails a series of questions about the ability to use body and movement to interact with both physical spaces and knowledge itself in a way that is useful and sustainable. As we witness the growth in augmented and virtual realities in learning scenarios, Loke’s ideas and applied research experience, including a laboratory on wearable technologies, are more relevant than ever and are more than welcome on the Moodle stage.

Visit Lian Loke’s website here.

MoodleMoot Australia 2017 begins Tuesday, September 27th in Sydney. Loke’s keynote will take place on Wednesday morning. More information is available at Registration is currently open.

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