We Have The Best Tweets And Highlights From MoodleMoot Colombia & Guatemala 2017

We Have The Best Tweets And Highlights From MoodleMoot Colombia & Guatemala 2017

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The Latin American learning community reiterates its promising outlook as a market and cradle of educational technologies. The recent Moots in Guatemala City and Bogotá, Colombia, add some timely evidence of this. Below, we offer some of the key social media highlights and insight from both events.

But the auspicious future does not mean there are not veteran Moodlers in the subcontinents.

MoodleMoot Guatemala, August 22nd

As reported by, this edition broke the record for attendance in Central America. (Whether MoodleMoot Mexico is considered is unclear.) Universities from across the region and the private sector offered tenured talks venturing into actual practice.

Analytics: Keep your eyes on the prize, and why not make it a real prize? ROI

Multimedia: Push for a more seamless connection between LMS and activity interaction.

MOOCs: It has never been easier to impart local expertise with the rest of the world.

Flipped Learning: A high-potential approach for post-graduate education.

Read the article “MoodleMoot Guatemala duplica sus asistentes en el 2017! Les contamos lo que pasó.” at

MoodleMoot Colombia. Bogotá, August 31st – September 1st.

As a long-time local standout of learning technology and open source, the Colombian community welcomed peers from neighbors like Venezuela and Panamá, but also speakers from Spain and Mexico.

Fraud: Statistical risk management techniques can be applied to learning contexts.

Design: Gamification is not only still alive, but new technologies suggest it’s only beginning to unfold.

Integration: Expertise can help uncover Moodle’s hidden API powers.

Disruption: Apply “agile” development principles to educational design, all the way to classroom activities themselves.

MoodleMoot Colombia was organized by ACIS, the national systems engineering association. Visit

Check out more tweets on our Twitter Moment.

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