Webinar: Strategies for Using Moodle to Increase Learner Engagement by @RemoteLearner

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rlRemoteLearner, a Moodle Partner with offices in North America and the UK, is hosting a free webinar to help you learn “Strategies for Using Moodle to Increase Learner Engagement“. The webinar will be held online on March 13th at 2pm EST. According to the registration page,

A good eLearning solution requires more than good content. Identifying and implementing the right types of media and instructional strategy can make all the difference and will help increase learner engagement, resulting in an increase in learner mastery. Research has shown that appropriate use of Moodle tools keeps learners interested and motivated, and this increases learning. Let us show you a few ways we can use proven strategies combined with Moodle tools to meet your eLearning needs.

In this webinar you’ll learn the following:

The differences between a basic course where Moodle is used to organize files for learners, a simple Moodle course where material is put together using Moodle modules, and an interactive course where instructional strategies are incorporated into a course to draw learners into the eLearning experience.

Creative uses for innovative ways to incorporate different Moodle modules into your courses.

Register for the event at

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