Welcome To ‘MUAMoot’ Global Forum: The Moodle Users Association Makes A Splash At MoodleMoot Global 2019

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Part of our MootGlobal 2019 coverage #MootGlobal19

It was about time! The Moodle User Association, key piece of the Moodle Community, and in a way the collaborative R&D branch of the project, is making some noise. In the first MoodleMoot Global, MUA shares new branding, a stand and the largest gathering of MUA Committee members ever.

Essential Forum contributions

MUA has played a key role in some of the most groundbreaking or exciting features of Moodle. Here’s a brief recap of the productive track record MUA has gifted the Moodle community over the years:

The Forum features are the continuation of a couple that made it into Moodle 3.7, with some UI enhancements. It is an attempt to catch up with features from competing vendors. The original project explicitly names Moodlerooms as the inspiration.

Forum features already available in Moodle 3.7 include:

  • In-page updates and replies (no need to “F5” the page)
  • Private replies
  • Star and pin discussions
  • Sort forums by replies, unreads or date
  • Admins, teachers or original creators can lock discussions

For Moodle 3.8, the Forum upgrade went to a whole new territory, in part thanks to the convergence of MUA’s project with Moodle HQ’s development roadmap. They can be divided into four fronts.

Forum summary report

Instructors and teachers now have a host of new ways to visualize forum contributions. In-page reloading and pop-up views should make up for a more responsive, engaging experience.

Itemized elements of the summary report include:

  • Brand new skeleton
  • Message selected users straight from the summary
  • Group and date filters
  • Export a user’s posting history (students can download their own history)
  • Word and character count

Forum export

Choose forum, individual users or as a group, and date intervals. Grab all the Forum post activity in CSV format.

  • Export dashboard
  • Date filtering
  • Content cleanup for human eyes

Forum grading

Perhaps one of the most long-awaited capabilities teacher have been asking about, now they can grade student contributions, making it count towards their final course grade.

  • New Forum Grading Interface
  • Make Forum required (or optional) grading
  • User search
  • Student grade notification option
  • Student can view Forum grades

Forum UI bells & whistles

  • Closer “Settings” side drawer for new discussions
  • New discussion view
  • Discussion list table display update
  • Advanced search (now “starred” discussion search available)

Catch MUA at MoodleMoot Global 2019

Check out the first “MUA Session” at MoodleMoot Global on Wednesday, November 20 at 3:40 pm Barcelona time (check out yours here).

It will take place at the Global Room. Catch it live on

Read Churchward’s full post:

We have some news that will be revealed to the world at the MoodleMoot Global in Barcelona this week, and we wanted to make sure that the membership heard about it first.

At the Global Moot, we will have an unprecedented seven MUA committee members gathered physically in the same place. That’s right, seventy percent of us. If you are there, and we hope you are, come and find us. To make that even easier, we have set up a presentation area in the main hall where one or more of us will always be.

And, if you’re a member, you really do want to stop by and get your MUA member shirt (first come, first served) to wear proudly around the Moot.

And, finally, that shirt will be displaying the newly released logo and branding of your MUA….

We believe this new look and slogan for the MUA gives us our own unique identity, to unify us as a community, while showing the important link to Moodle, and the support we provide to its open source spirit.

We hope you will all like this as much as we do.

Your 2019/2020 MUA Committee

Resources & References

Part of our MootGlobal 2019 coverage #MootGlobal19

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