What am I looking forward to most at #iMoot2012?

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The end of this week will mark both the 3rd annual and my 3rd time presenting at the online iMoot event.  This year I’ll be presenting what I think the contemporary considerations must be for achieving an excellent online classroom environment (tools, design, setup and policies), specifically for online college level delivery.

In years past I touched on how to get started blogging, the Moodle community as an unofficial driver of the code and features and what your options are if you’re planning to use free hosting.

One interesting thread at is currently “what are you most looking forward to?”

First and foremost I look forward to getting through both of my sessions successfully (being interesting, clear and loud enough).  But otherwise I love dropping in on sessions to learn from peers regarding their Moodle user stories and successes.  This year has a lot of sessions on the program that I can learn from, not to mention the great keynotes that the iMoot staff has lined up.

A few sessions that look especially good:

  • Moodle in the cloud
  • Moodle 2020 (who doesn’t like thinking about the future?)
  • Moodle and Google Analytics
  • Essential Moodle Plugins

Not only that, but dropping in and sharing information that I’ve learned in the sessions lasts for weeks and weeks.  There’s a ton of great information to be learned at any Moot event.  If you’re not registered yet: you should be.

Register and learn more at 2012.­imoot.­org.  Try for a free registration by sharing your #Moodlewish.

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