What New Orleans Has In Store For Moodle This Summer

What New Orleans Has In Store For Moodle This Summer | MoodleMoot Estados Unidos

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Phill Miller is a well-rounded Moodleverse man. In an interview with the Moodle blog, he describes the experience of visiting ―and even helping organize― MoodleMoots around the world.

Miller has logged many miles attending Moots and Blackboard conferences, or “BbWorlds.” While there is a tendency to believe that Moodle gatherings focus on teachers, similar to how Blackboard’s do on products, Miller clarifies that both events have a lot in common.

«BbWorld isn’t just about Blackboard products, it is easily one of the largest gatherings of education professionals in the world. There’s so  many different breakout sessions, so I love that I’m always able to  learn something new and leave the conference with a different  perspective.»

So it makes complete sense that Moodle and Blackboard have partnered. Coming to New Orleans this July, the companies will be found under one roof so EdTech professionals and enthusiasts get to exchange on a wider scale.

A final highlight of the events are the guest keynote speakers, according to Miller. Astronaut Mark Kelly and Professor Sugata Mitra have been BbWorld’s past main features. For MoodleMoots, the most recent US session was hosted Britt Andreatta, CLO of This year, Jill Biden will top the joint edition. Doctor of Education and president of the Biden Breast Health Initiative, Biden is more recently known for teaching at Northern Virginia Community College while acting as the Second Lady of the United States.

2017’s BbWorld + MoodleMoot USA will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 25th to 27th. The call for presentations and early bird registration have been extended until May 22nd.

Read the interview with Miller, VP of Teaching and Learning at Blackboard, at

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