Check Out Announcement On Our MoodleNews Rebranding to LMSPulse

MoodleNews is now LMS Pulse

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Over 10 years since our first post by Joe Thibault in 2009, remained an independent and reliable resource for Moodlers of all stripes: From first-time users to veteran administrators, from doers and tinkerers to forward-looking thinkers, and visionaries of the Moodleverse.

As we transition towards a more encompassing look of the LMS and Learning Systems landscape, our work and the value we have provided over the years is recognized by Moodle HQ.

MoodleNews is now LMSPulse

MoodleNews, now LMSPulse, focused with optimism on the immense possibilities of Moodle as both the technology and the community. We uncovered stories of how Moodle was implemented to solve critical issues, or the essential role it continues to play to empower teacher and educators around the world. We often engaged with key figures in the space, including several leaders at Moodle HQ. Under our new name, we only hope our presence to expand.

The team behind LMSPulse remains passionate about Open Source learning technologies with global impact, and the Moodle Community we belong. We will continue to offer insight, and produce new series and formats.

We will be able to provide more added value to the learning community at large thanks to our supporters, many of them Certified Moodle Partners, who allow us to explore, experiment and engage at a deeper level with our readers, as we draw from their subject-matter expertise in much of our coverage.

As the “beating heart” of the Open Source EdTech space, LMSPulse will also continue to cover Moodle HQ’s initiatives, announcement and events. LMSPulse will remain as Silver Member of the Moodle Users Association MoodleNews was, supporting discussions and developments that will directly impact the future of Moodle and the Open Learning ecosystem.

Stay engaged with LMSPulse

If you have been a regular MoodleNews reader, first of all: Thank you. You will still be able to trust LMSPulse as the best resource on latest news, developments, practical information and resources on the largest Open Source LMS so far.

And if you want to stay on the loop about what the other top LMS are doing, you are in the right place. Be sure to stick with us by:

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  • And finally: LMSPulse will provide real-time, in situ coverage of MoodleMoot Philippines 2019, starting May 8th. If you are joining the gathering in Quezon City, check out our talk “What sets Moodle apart? An economic geography story” on Thursday.

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