7 exciting uses for event monitoring in Moodle #imoot16 #moodletips

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Many times your teachers might have requested to receive emails when course participants have submitted a quiz or a student has submitted the assignment. If you are also looking for the similar action based notification system with Moodle, then Event Monitoring is of interest for you.
Events in Moodle are an internal notification that something has happened. They are used for logging, for reports, and anytime one part of Moodle code wants to “listen” to things that are happening.
Event Monitoring feature was added to Moodle way back in Moodle 2.8 version. Event monitoring is one of many features in Moodle which is not used to its greatest level. It allows the Moodle site administrators and teachers (even students also can be added) to receive notifications when certain events/user actions happen in Moodle.
Vinny Stocker – from Pukunui, presented about the 7 exciting use cases for Event monitoring in Moodle during the iMoot 2016(#imoot16). Check out the video recording of the presentation below:

Please note that enabling the Event monitoring system on your Moodle site may impact the performance of your site and slow it down. The clarification about How much is the impact of enabling the event monitoring is mentioned by Marina Glancy in this forum thread.

How to set up the Event monitoring on your Moodle site:

To setup the events monitoring, you need to follow only three simple steps:

  • Enable Events Monitoring
  • Create Events Monitoring rules
  • Subscribe to the rules

Complete instructions to set up the event monitoring is mentioned in this Moodle doc. The list of events which can be monitored through event monitoring is mentioned here.
Are you using the event monitoring feature on your Moodle platform? Have you faced any issues while monitoring the events or in receiving the notifications? Do share with us in the comments section below.


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