Popular Moodle Service BigBlueButton Launches Greenlight Meeting Interface

Popular Moodle Service BigBlueButton Launches Greenlight Meeting Interface
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Disponible también en Español.

BigBlueButton, eponym for the popular web conferencing plugin for Moodle, is launching GreenLight. A simple meeting interface based on BigBlueButton that does not require Moodle, but it does need a server where to install it.

A demonstration in shows how simple it is to create a virtual room. All it takes is to add a name for it, and click “Start”. It automatically creates a room with a link that can be shared or emailed. Guests only have to click on “Join” after they open the link, to join the meeting.

A favorite BigBlueButton feature is the simple way it can record the conferences. GreenLight makes it possible by signing up. It allows authentication using a Google or Twitter account. Only the moderator can record. They can set breaking points in the recording to segment the video. When the recording is complete, GreenLight stores it on a private (“Unlisted”) location on your server. When unlisted, only users with a link can access it. The moderator can change the privacy to “Public”, to see the recording from the meeting room link, or “Unlisted” to prevent all access. Recordings can be deleted at any time.

Web browser notifications are available for Firefox and Chrome. They can also set up for email.

Read more about GreenLight installation and setup at

Read the announcement at

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4 Responses

  1. I am waiting for my conference recording more than 2 days already. Lost all the hope that it will show up. BigBlueButton team does not respond to any of my concerns, so this system is really not reliable. If you are taking your job seriously, you`d rather look for something better.

  2. How did you contact them? How long have you been waiting? How did you set it up? Where is it being hosted? What have you tried so far? Have you checked the logs to see what might have broken, or are you expecting someone else to do all the leg work for you? Depending on the answers to those questions, it’s unclear to me whether your perspective is totally valid.

    Unless you have paid for a support contract or are paying for hosting, you shouldn’t expect a community volunteer response to a direct email in a timely fashion. It’s nice when it happens, but it’s unrealistic! OTOH, if you’ve provided plenty of info (regarding the above questions and more) and posted in one of their groups, then my apologies.

    FWIW I’ve posted a few times to one of their support google groups and I’ve found that they reply incredibly quickly (usually within a day or 2) and are super helpful and supportive.

    FYI their support page is here:
    And links to mail-lists/google groups are here (linked to from above, but I’ll save you the effort):

    You just need to select the most relevant one to post to – probably bigbluebutton-users. Try to give them as much info as you can, e.g. the system specs and versions of relevant software, excerpts from log files etc and they should be able to help you out, or at least help you work out why it went wrong in the first place.

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