Spoodle, The ‘Moodle On A Stick’ Solution, Now Built With Moodle 3.6 (Update)

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2021 Update: The latest available update to Spoodle was published in 2018, covering up to Moodle 3.6

How This Brilliantly Simple Portable Moodle Solution Became The Best Learning Opportunity For Underconnected Learners Worldwide

It might look like a technology at the verge of obsolescence, but the USB pen, also known as a flash or thumb drive, still serves many purposes in industrialized and developing regions alike. Not the least of them is education. Steve Grono, Learning Designer at the University of New England, created and maintains Spoodle, which gives students offline access to a fully-fledged learning experience with the best and latest Moodle has to offer.

Since its launch, Spoodle has offered a straightforward solution to access Moodle with limited connectivity. A teacher can create a Course on a traditional Moodle installation, and then “export” it to a USB memory, also known as a stick or jump drive. The packaged Moodle can then be easily copied as is onto other drives. As soon as the student plugs it in, Moodle is instantly available.

Download Spoodle from its MoodleCloud site. It features additional video information and a mailing list to let you stay in touch with development updates. (The list may no longer be active.)

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