Demo RemUI, Another Responsive Theme For Moodle By Edwiser

Demo RemUI, Another Responsive Theme For Moodle By Edwiser
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RemUI is a new look for a Moodle theme, significantly changing the look and feel of the Dashboard for students, teachers and administrators.


It looks to help some of Moodle’s “Achilles heel” of usability, as Edwiser’s Rajiv Sathian calls it. He claims both students and administrators “struggle to find their way around complex settings”. There is a learning curve in Moodle, and the interface makes it steeper.

This commercial theme is not yet available for download but should be available by August 1st, 2016 for under $100 USD. If you’re interested, check out for more information.

RemUI provides the following improvements:

  • More definitions for sidebars and sections.
  • Color coding for compartmentalizing.
  • Configurable wigdets and quick links.

RemUI is responsive so it works across devices. It gives you lots of personalization options. It focuses on contrast through color as one of its selling points.

Check out a few screenshots in the slideshow below.

RemUI is a product of Edwiser. Edwiser is a Moodle-based learning solutions company. They set up LMS. They also develop plugins, including third party API integration. Another interesting product by Edwiser is Bridge, a free Moodle-Wordpress connector.

Does the RemUI lowers the inclination of the learning curve in Moodle? Take a look at the demo and see it for yourself.

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Note: Edwiser and Moodlenews are not affiliated.

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you for the post about Edwiser RemUI and glad to know that you liked it.
    For us Edwiser RemUI, is a small effort to better Moodle and contribute in making it the most loved LMS solution in the world.

    Do get in touch with me if you have any queries about the theme.


  2. Hi Rajiv.. I used RemUI and I am really loving the experience. Thanks for such a good product.

  3. The Theme could have some better aspects to it. I have bought it and preterbed at the fact I have to pay each year for it, where it is signed up to it for a reoccuring PayPal payment, I do feel the look of it on the demo doesn’t easily translate on your own server.

    I think it would have been better having the ability to add your own colours – instead of the palets of colours, which when you think we live in a brand aware culture, this is somewhat a retrograde step.
    Also I would like the ability to replicate the theme on my site – so on some courses I may want to colour it for course categories, something I think as a premium product that I am expected to pay an annual subscription for – should be easily facilitated for users.

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