The Experience Of Learning Efficiency. MoodleMoot Germany 2018 Highlights

The latest Moodle-centric gathering in Germany proved how, if you can isolate every element of the learning experience, it can be optimized, from the “front end” system the user encounters every time they log into Moodle, to the seamlessness to which it connects to other systems securely and reliably, to the way it convinces students […]

LWMN016: MoodleMoot US 2017 Miami ‘Top Ten’ Special | Week of November 13th, 2017

Hey there – welcome to the Last Week in MoodleNews, I’m Stephen Ladek from In this episode I’ll be talking about the most important stories from the Moodleverse for the week of November 13th, 2017. I’ll be discussing my top 10 favorite things from MoodleMoot US Miami and much more. Before we get started, a quick reminder […]

What Will Moodle Look Like In The Next 10 Years? The Creator Wonders

What Will Moodle™ Look Like In The Next 10 Years? The Creator Wonders

During his brief tour of Europe’s EdTech, Moodle Founder and CEO Martin Dougiamas spoke at MoodleMoot Germany to discuss all things Moodle, explore the future of open learning, and share quite a few traveling anecdotes. Leaving Australia for a whirlwind #moodle tour in Europe: #mootde17 in Mannheim, then #mootfr17 in Lyon, and then #icalt2017 in Romania! […]

Want to learn Moodle swiftly – Check out these free Moodle training courses #Moodletraining

Learning Moodle terminology and getting used to the Moodle interface is an intimidating task especially for the first time Moodle users. Moodle is among the few best open source software’s available around the world with an extensive documentation and supportive community. However, Moodle beginners often find it difficult to get started with Moodle. RTR learning […]

Start Your High-Speed, Maglev Moodle Engines! MoodleMoot Japan Is Around The Corner

Like the “Chuo Shinkasen” Magnetic Levitation train that will connect Tokyo and Nagoya in under an hour, preparations for February 17th-19 2017 MoodleMoot Japan are boasting record-breaking speed to showcase the best technology ―in our case, EdTech― the nation has to offer. As we and reported, this year will focus on the “Active Learning” approach that […]

MOODLE 3.2 RELEASED To Change The Way You See The Open Source LMS

Moodle 3.2 is now available for download. It is not a beta or a release candidate. has released an infographic highlighting the changes that come with the release. Thanks to the community of volunteer education technologists that has supported it throughout the years, some of the feature that become default with Moodle 3.2 were available […]

Revisiting MoodleMoot Australia 2016. The Present And Future Of Moodle In Perth

MoodleMoot Australia 2016 is history. Let’s jump right in with a recap of the three days that were, with the help of Moodle blog coverage and social graph activity. Day #1 ― Monday, September 26th This Moot felt special. In a way, Moodle’s creator (the “Moodler”), Martin Dougiamas was playing host for the world’s Moodle […]

#mootus15 – MoodleMoot US 2015 19 videos available online

The videos from MoodleMoot US 2015 (#mootus15) which was held at University of Minnesota Twin Cities from August 4th – August 6th, are made available on youtube by Moodle HQ. There are a total of 19 videos available from the MoodleMoot US.